Physical Games

We have multiple rooms to suit everyone. All games are over-seen remotely by a Game Master who will guide you through the game should you get stuck! When you arrive to play your game(s), the Game Master will inform you of the rules and some basic safety regulations (e.g.; don't pull light bulbs off the wall, they're not a clue!). They will then take you to your room, and initiate the game. When the game is finished, they will 'free' you and tell you your time, discuss your progress and take some group photographs that will be sent to you.


New for 2020! Now open.

Deep in the forest of Crowley Manor lies a secret as dark as the house itself; maybe even worse?

There's a cabin in the woods with a legend of the supernatural. Long abandoned, there have been strange sightings and many people have disappeared, as reported in the news over the years, never to return.

You should NOT enter! But you did! The question is... can you escape part 3 of the Crowley Manor story and our most interactive room? There's lots of puzzles to solve before you can.

  • 2-5 players.
  • At least 1 adult with children under 16, minimum age 15.
  • No strobe lighting; lights stay on throughout the game.

Upcoming Available Game Times