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Need a 60 minute instant team building event? Emergency Exit Escape Rooms delivers!

Packed full of creative & problem solving challenges, this game is a fresh & fun choice for corporate entertainment and staff development.

Above and beyond the already great experience of an open general public reservation, we offer many unique advantages and benefits with a private team building event, including:

  • As the name suggests, the rooms are private for you and your colleagues. Members of the public CANNOT join your game via our on-line booking system, nor as walk in customers.
  • The rooms can be opened outside of the normal public retail hours exclusively for you, so you are not sharing the site with the public.
  • The games can be scheduled to start at the same time, unlike general public reservations with staggered starts every 15 minutes. The benefit of this is that your teams can play against the challenge of their own game, and compete against colleagues in other games for "office bragging rights" for the fastest escape times.
  • Subject to game start times, it is possible to allow games to continue beyond the 60 minute deadline, if a team has not escaped, but is close to doing so, and would like to see the game to a full conclusion.
  • Managers and supervisors can have access to our Game Master's control area to watch and listen to games remotely.
  • Dedicated Game Masters to look after all teams from arrival, during their game with 2 way communication, and assistance after the game for memorable photographs with game props.
  • Exclusive "Come Back Soon" discounts. Often, private team building players have such a great time, that they want to come back to play our other games on their own time and on their own dime. We offer exclusive discounts for return players.

What team building purposes does the game serve?

The game helps the participants to integrate into the team. The game situation improves the communication between the team members and helps them create an outstanding team of colleagues.

The game makes use of the logic and problem-solving skills of the participants, thereby improving the management of conflicts - which is an advantage in the everyday corporate environment.

The game expects communication and co-operation from the participants, who will learn how to use their skills. This facilitates the distribution of work-related tasks to achieve dynamism and success in the everyday work environment.

The game area offers great and diverse entertainment, thanks to the varied design and the many bright ideas. It is never boring or depressing - a common experience for all the colleagues.

The manager has the opportunity to control and observe the colleagues outside the office. The manager, during the players' coordination, recognizes the participants' strengths and weaknesses, which can later be taken into consideration in the corporate environment.

What type of companies do we recommend our programme to?

Emergency Exit Escape Rooms are recommended for small and medium-sized enterprises and also for the smaller units of multi-national companies. It is equally suitable for colleagues working in the same field, and for the staff of different departments who co-operate with each other regularly.

The game is especially recommended for people working in areas requiring accurate and careful planning, e.g. logistics or control. Similarly, it may be useful for the marketing group, as the game requires logical thinking and creativity. The links between all departments are endless.

For an HR department, the game gives an important feedback on the participants' conflict-management skills.

How many players can participate

Our site currently consists of three different 60 minute game rooms; Exorcist, Poltergeist and Conjure.

Each game has unique challenges and can be played in teams of 1 to 8 members, and so up to 16 participants can play simultaneously during each hour. The 3 games can be combined and played as a competition, with each team playing in its own game room, in a race to escape in the quickest time.

Any of the 3 games may be played as many times as you want, with as many teams required. Remember, this is your day and we will discuss all requirements before booking to make this a truly flawless experience.

We are here to help you. Start planning your next amazing team building event. Click here to send us an email or call.

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