Frequenly Asked Questions

We hope the replies on this page answer your question, however feel free to get in touch should you require further assistance.

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General/Booking questions

Can I pay cash in-person?

Unfortunately not. We only accept bookings paid for online.

Something has happened. Can we ammend our booking?

To add additional players, change date/time, or to cancel, please call us especially if it is the day you are booked to play. However, we can't guarantee availability/priority should you wish to move your booking.

Can children play?

The minimum age for players for most of our rooms is 11 when accompanied by at least 1 responsible adult. Minimum player age for adults is 16.

Is it scary?

It wouldn't be fun if it wasn't!

Is there flashing lights? I'm epileptic.

Certain strobe effects can be turned off. Please call us as effects in use in the rooms changes all the time to keep things fresh.

Is there smoke? I'm asthmatic.

As above, some fog/smoke machines can be turned off. Please call us when booking to let us know your requirements so we can make the arrangements.

Are you sure it isn't scary?

It depends how you tackle the room! Work harder to get out sooner! We tailor every experience dynamically based on how the group react/progress through the room, so if you love it scary we can certainly turn it up to 11!

I struggle with mobility, can I play?

Unfortunately due to the nature of the building, we aren't wheelchair accessible. We're underground and there are low ceilings. We reccomend at least one 'sprightly' player per room should someone need to be sacrificed. There are chairs in Dr. Becker and Exorcist with one careful previous owner, however use them at your own risk!! We're still to find the last player to sit in one.

Can I take photos/videos?

Cameras in the room are not allowed, as to not spoil the secrets for the others! We may stop the game if players are taking videos and photos. Once out of the room and in the lobby, fill your boots.

Will someone be watching?

There's always people watching. Mess with the spirits at your peril!

Will we receive help if we're stuck?

That depends how nice you are to the spirits. Treat others how you like to be treated, etc!

Our game was stopped?

We reserve the right to stop any games in progress, or not to commence a game, should our staff feel uncomfortable or become aware of safety issues. Repeated failure to abide by the safety instructions will result in the game being terminated and no refunds given. The rules are there to make everyone safe and have a good time. The fire extinguisher is NOT a prop or toy! Don't use it to make your own smoke machine. Likewise, mains electricity makes you do a funny dance across the room when messed with!

Rowdy or boistorus behaviour will not be tolerated. Intoxicated players will not be allowed to play.

Is this date free?

Please check the booking page to check live availability.

I haven't received the confirmation email?

Please wait upto 10 minutes and your spam folder before contacting us for booking confirmation.

Live Online Games

How do we play?

You will play the game by connecting to a Zoom call at the time you booked. An email will be automatically sent to the email on the booking on the day of play, at least 2 hours before, for you to connect to. It is the booker's responsibility to distribute the link to other players in the group.

We want to book at 7pm, what time to we select?

We're based in the UK, so we use GMT/BST. Our homepage should automatically detect your timezone and display the upcoming slots in your local and our local timezone to help you.

Please be aware that although times on the homepage are local to you, times on the booking system are local to us in the UK and times in emails will be in either UTC or BST (UTC+1).

Can I change the time of the booking if I've got my Zulus confused with my Central Time?

Please message us before hand and we'll try to ammend your booking for you, or call if on the day - during reasonably friendly times please - remember that 3am our time is 7pm Pacific!